Cashback Commissions

Our main business model is earning revenue on the spread (or difference) between the commission merchants pay us for sales generated by Coinbates users, and what we pay out to fulfill our users’ crypto cashback rewards.

Example: pays us a 10% commission for sales that we refer to them. We share what we receive from Ledger with you. In the specific case of Ledger, 70% goes to you and 30% stays with us.

For example, if you purchase a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet ($119) at as a Coinbates user, Ledger will pay us $11.90 and we’ll payout $8.33 to you as cashback in your specified crypto-asset, while keeping the remaining $3.57 to help grow and sustain our business.

Note: The exact commission split between Coinbates and the user varies from merchant to merchant.

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